Windows Autopilot

Dynabook supports Windows Autopilot, Microsoft’s cloud-based IT productivity solution designed to simplify all parts of the lifecycle of Windows devices from zero-touch deployment through the eventual end of life.

How it works:
  • Dynabook provides the device ID of the laptop for registration
  • IT Professionals set-up and pre-configure the new devices using the Azure Active Directory Portal
  • Auto-enroll devices into MDM services, such as Microsoft Intune
  • The modern workforce simply turns on their new Dynabook laptop, connect to the internet, and Windows Autopilot will automatically provision and deploy the device
  • Laptop is now “business-ready”
What is required?
  • Windows 10 device (1703 or higher)
  • Azure Active Directory Premium (P1 or P2)
  • Microsoft Intune (or an alternative MDM service)

Contact your Dynabook sales representative and learn how your organization can benefit from Windows Autopilot. Additional information about Windows Autopilot can also be found here.